About Us

RemoteAg is a company started to solve a major aggricultural problem: How do you accurately
and easily get data from your water sourcing locations?

What is RemoteAg?

RemoteAg is a water monitoring solution for outdoor agricultural applications. The RemoteAg system can monitor weirs, headgates, stock tanks, stock ponds, and anywhere else you can mount our units. They are portable, rugged, and easy to use. The water data is sent to our remote server via cellular or satellite communications, allowing for data access anywhere The server can be accessed by a secure login from any web browser, on any device. No special app, nothing to download, just a website that contains a chart and a table of your water data.

The primary goal is ease of use and ease of access to the data you need. Our units have been in the Montana weather for over 2 years now. The sensor systems are made to handle all of the challenges that an outdoor agricultural environment can throw at them.

What can we do for you?

Do you have a pond that is a 30 mile drive from your house or barn? Do you travel hours a day just to check that your cattle have water? Those are the problems that we solve. Our monitoring systems allow you to remotely access the water level at different locations across your ranch.

We recognize that one of the largest struggles of managing livestock is providing them with easy access to water. Many of the systems that send water to stock tanks in the field are built over generations. As they age they fail. An unnoticed failure can cost you 100s if not 1000s of gallons of lost water. Our systems are an excellent tool for detecting these leaks or breaks as soon as they happen.

Our Development Team

Clay Ellig


Cam Alberghini