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    "Water is critically important to ranching. When our cows are on summer range their drinking water comes from a spring fed through miles of pipe to stock tanks in each of our pastures. Last year was a dry one and the spring barely produced enough water for the animals. We had built up some reserve in storage tanks, but a broken fitting drained all the storage and we suddenly had to haul water to put into the system. This year a remote water level sensor from RemoteAg was installed on our primary storage tank. We can now monitor the storage from a cell phone. One day we saw a drop in water level, we checked the system and found a bad float valve which was allowing a tank to run over. After fixing that valve, we could see the water level holding steady.
    The sensor has saved us time and miles of travel. We can sleep better knowing that if we lose storage, it will be detected quickly. Thanks to RemoteAg for providing a way to monitor our stock water system from anywhere." - Jim

    "Time and water are critical for our ranch, just like many others. We use a pond to store and control our irrigation water, which flows to our property via a ditch. The level of the water in the pond, and the corresponding volume in the pond, needs to be monitored to determine when there is enough water to be used downstream in various sprinklers, and for how long. Without the remote sensing system, driving to the pond ate up time during the busiest time of year. Along with eliminating the travel time to check water levels, the system provides charts that help to find trends in pond height, so planning water usage downstream is also easier. I cannot recommend this enough." - Nate